sebit church

Sooheui + Minho | Sebit Wedding


I was blessed to be invited to the wedding of the Elementary School Pastor for Sebit Church. It was such a beautiful event and you could definitely see just how genuine their happiness was. Of course I couldn't leave my camera behind so I did take a couple pictures. Congratulations to Pastor Minho and Sooheui!

...and since we're dressed up anyways, what a perfect time for family portraits?

Home Sweet Home

As much as I love traveling and I really do love it, nothing feels better than coming back home to my family and friends. I've been blessed with opportunities that took me to Lebanon and Northwest Canada. Both very different than the other, but still great in their own ways. Thank you all for your prayers! I'll definitely be posting up photos in the following weeks. But for now here are just a couple from my Canada mission trip!