Brooklyn Bridge/I Miss My Camera


I really am starting to miss my camera. I still haven't gotten a new charger...I really need to get on that. Other than that I've been super busy this week with my move. Its been stressful, but I'm sure it'll feel good once I'm finally done. For now here are some photos from the Brooklyn Bridge with Hannah and my [sister's] point and shoot. The Bridge has been one of those places that I've wanted to visit for a looong time and I finally got a chance to do it. It was beautiful!

NYC Date

Good food, dinosaurs and the best company. What a great date! Hannah and I had what now seems like a very touristy day haha. Lunch at Sarabeth's, Central Park and the Natural History Museum. It was all awesome, but I wish the Natural History Museum had more things to do. Look at dinosaurs is awesome, don't get me wrong, but for me I like to play. Thats why I can't wait until I come back from Canada and go to the New York Hall of Science! Sweeeeeet!

Of course I needed to add in some photos of Hannah's new cat, Nora!