Mini-moon Road Trip Part 2 - Nashville, TN

Well it took a little longer than intended to get the second part of our mini-moon up, but here it is. We didn't get to spend nearly enough time in Nashville. Country music, bbq and bunch of outdoor spaces, what more could you want. We went to the Grilled Cheeserie for some of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had. The Parthenon was a strange, but cool sight. Got some coffee at an old garage turned into a coffee shop at the Barista Parlor and had a drink by the pool at the Pinewood Social. Of course no trip to Nashville would be complete without some hot chicken. A local Nashvillian (sounds evil) told us about Pepperfire and we can attest that it was delicious and hot.

Effingham is effing awesome!


Today we just rode from Greenville, IL to St. Louis, MO. Finally passed through our first time zone the other day, which is exciting. Since the last post, we had a build day in Cincinnati which was amazing! I got to help put plywood on the roof on Shala’s home whom I got to meet. She got so excited talking about where her and her kids’ rooms would be, it only helped to keep us enthusiastic. The day ended early with some heavy rain, but still a great day!

While in Cincinnati, we had some free time which we used to do what we do best…eat. Skyline Chili is an Ohio staple and I can confirm that it is quite delicious. When I asked for extra cheese, I had no idea what was about to come out. WOW.

Other things to note, Indiana might be my new favorite state. After eating Tibetan food for the first time at the Dali Lama’s brother’s restaurant and drinking coffee in the cutesy town of Nashville, I can say that I really have enjoyed my time. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about southern Illinois which showed the repetive scenery of corn fields. I guess we should get used to it as we near Kansas. Still tomorrow we get to build in St. Louis and my spirits are high. I love build days!