jefferson city



The ride from Sedalia, MO to Kansas City, MO was officially my favorite day of the trip so far. Not only was the ride beautiful, it also showed me how far I’ve come. All the way from struggling on my 10 mile training rides in Bedminster to June 16, when I rode an extra 8 miles to get to 100 miles for the day. With my friend Sarah, we decided to ride the little bit more to get to our first century which was done in a neighborhood where there was a murder earlier that day and a cemetery, but we did it! Some other things that happened since my last real update include getting free tickets to the Kansas City Royals!

Even better was that they won! Also to note, Missouri has a beautiful capitol building in Jefferson City.

To make Jefferson City, I was given the honor of riding with the Disco Stick. The Disco Stick was this thing created by our leaders to help acknowledge riders for doing good things I guess? Either way it was pretty sweet and it definitely was fun to have.

I’ll just leave it at that for now. We’re in Manhattan, Kansas (the little apple haha) where things are about to go down since we have our first day off tomorrow. Its going to be awesome to sleep in for real!