Wow! Even though Kansas started out awesome, the last couple days were tough. Major headwinds combined with endless fields of wheat can get a little old at times. Still there is never a bad day on Bike & Build, some days are just a little harder. WE did manage to find out some of the cool spots in Kansas like a great burger joint in Phillipsburg, KS called the Chubby Pickle! Chubby Pickle

The famous Chubby Pickle!

Super Chubby

Here’s my Super Chubby with chips!

Now the Chubby Pickle wasn’t the only thing the state had to offer. The small town of Cawker City, Kansas with a population of 521 had probably the biggest attraction of all…

Largest Ball of Twine

I present to you the world’s largest ball of sisal twine!

Hay Bale

I did say we’d have more hay bale pictures haha.

Once we got close to Colorado and the Mountain Time Zone, the days seemed to last forever. Try to guess what time it is in this next photo.


This was taken around 9:30pm!

The funny thing was that even though eastern Colorado is no different than Kansas, it just felt good to be in a new state. Knowing that we were going in the state with the Rocky Mountains definitely pumped us up. Tomorrow will actually be our first taste of the Rockies as we climb to Estes Park!

Estes Park Climb

A neat elevation graph that Andy made of our ride tomorrow.

To sum up our time in Colorado so far, I can safely say that it has been absolutely amazing! We had a 105 mile day into Denver which was hard, but so rewarding. In Denver we originally had a day off, but the local affordable housing groups came together to set up a fundraiser. They wanted us to be included and it was nothing short of awesome. Bunch of corporations participated and donated a lot of money towards the cost and the best part was that they graciously gave some of the donations to Bike & Build! The fundraiser itself was a bike tour through-out the metro Denver area of all the affordable housing units. So basically we rode around on the great cruiser bikes that Denver has as a part of their bike share program called Denver B Cycle. Everyone had a blast!


The cruiser bikes

Free drinks!

Oh did I also mention the part about free beers at a sweet brewery! To make Denver even better, after the fundraiser a professional photographer asked if her could do a photo shoot of us…for free! Of course we couldn’t pass that down.


This just one of many that were taken, I’ll probably upload some others through-out the rest of the trip haha. Wow what a great day though!

After all the fun we had in Denver, it was time for us to get to Boulder which is where I’m at right now. We got here on Wednesday and had a build day today with the Flat Irons Habitat for Humanity. The Flat Irons affiliate is really doing some amazing stuff and were awesome to work with.

Boulder Habitat House

This is a picture of a 4 family home that they finished about 3 weeks ago. You can’t even tell its a Habitat house and it even has photovoltaic solar panels that cover about 50% of their energy costs! How crazy is that?! I’d love to live in a place like this some day, definitely.

For the actual building portion we did a lot of the work needed to build the second floor soon. It involved a lot of ladders and nail guns, which are always fun.

Build Day

Though sometimes you do have to use a regular hammer.

Now it is way too late to be up, but I’ll leave you guys with this last picture.


Oh baby! Rocky Mountains, here we come.