During the past week, I've been lucky enough to see two very important people in my life take a big step forward in their journey by graduating from their respective schools. Hannah graduation from the Teachers College in Columbia and my beloved sister, Monica graduated from Lehigh University. No words can describe how proud and excited I am for both of them. Definitely an amazing feat! Congrats Hannah and Monica!

Reunited with Peter!


Be forewarned that there are a lot of photos in this post. Henry, Bumbly and I got to visit our beloved Peter at his basic training graduation this past week. It was awesome. It was so great to see Peter again and let me tell you ladies, he is looking goooood. Studlier than ever! The trip was so much fun and I can't wait to go somewhere again. Although next time we will be staying in South of the Border a little bit longer. For those who don't know where that is...scroll down! Can't wait to see you again brother our now officially Army Soldier Kang! Hooah!