crazy idea

My crazy idea...

We all have crazy ideas once in a while. Maybe it’s that you want to climb Mt. Everest or sail around the world. My idea all started with a friend of mine who told me about her the adventure she had this past summer. She rode a bicycle 4000 miles from Baltimore to San Francisco to raise money for cancer research with a group called 4k for Cancer. I tried to imagine what it would be like to accomplish something that ridiculous. I mean who even rides bikes anymore let alone across country?! I realized that I actually have thoughts like this all the time, after all there was a time I legitimately thought I was the next Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps… Of all these great dreams I had of doing amazing feats, I’ve never once accomplished them. Usually I don’t even try to attempt them. So here it is, my chance to walk the walk after talking the talk. This summer I’ll be doing my best Lance Armstrong imitation as I try to ride a bike across the country.

Bike and Build is an organization dedicated in the attempt to end poverty housing. Through fund-raising cross country bike tours, they are able to raise money to fight for this cause. Along the actual tour, the riders speak to local communities to raise awareness along with actually participating in affordable housing build projects a few days. I will be in the Central United States route which is part of 8 cross country routes. Each rider is responsible of raising at least $4,000 in donations which the majority goes to pre-arranged charities and a grant that affordable housing groups can apply for. It is a 501(c)(3) independent nonprofit organization that raised nearly $662,200 in donations last year alone. For More information about the organization feel free to visit their site Bike & Build.