Montauk Point


How come every time I plan a date, something doesn't go to plan? Haha oh well. Hannah and I had quite the excursion to the tip of to world...or at least New York, Montauk! I've always heard about how beautiful it is with amazing beaches and a world famous lighthouse and I'm glad we went. Although I want to go back when the weather is warmer and sunnier. I had originally planned to go down and check out the beaches, grab some bbq from Trip Advisor's #1 restaurant in Montauk and eat it by the water while watching the sunset. Well that didn't work out since the sky was overcast and the bbq place was out of business...fail! Although I think it worked out for the best since we ended up getting awesome bbq from a place called Smokin' Al's!

On a side note...bread pudding has solidified its spot as my favorite dessert! Soooo good!