Happy Birthday Eric!

So yesterday was our brother Eric's birthday. For you single ladies out there, Eric is tall and handsome, loves to cook (actually in culinary school to become a chef) and has an award winning smile! Although its an award I gave to him just now, but thats besides the point. To celebrate we went on a weekend trip to Boston...although it was more of a day trip with sleep before and after haha. We got to enjoy the Quincy Market, Harpoon Brewery and even Fenway Park (a little). It was a great time with some great weather. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go back and spend a little more time there. Boston is amazing! ParkWalkingQuincy MarketPummels?GrapesMarketEricJinuHenryHarpoonBeerMore BeerHarpoon.....Menu for the DayTapChipsSol!Hot EnchiladaJinu EatingFish TacosJo's DrinkLightsBumblyHenryJo & EricHenry AgainEricJoEricEricEricEric & JoEric & JoAdd Henry and BumblyCute without the HenryEric & HenryEric & Henry