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Yes, I am a model

I was looking through my computer and found of my modeling shots from this summer. Thought you guys might enjoy this haha. Caution, there are some serious tan lines. May not be for the faint of heart!

My Modeling PhotosMy Modeling Photos My Modeling PhotosMy Modeling Photos
Moral of the story: You should do Bike & Build Not only do you raise money/awareness for a major issue, you get free model shots. Oh and by the way, you BIKE ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!! Awesome!

Also all photos were shot for free by an awesome photographer we met in Denver, Efrain Cruz. Thanks for the fun photoshoot!

Now what?

Paige Hands

So its been a little over 2 months since I biked across the country and as I sit in my cushy chair at work I’m getting antsy. I thought about stopping this blog, but then I started to fear that all of my adventures on Bike & Build would be lost into the great abyss known as the internet. Alas I’ve decided to keep this going. Not sure whats going to be in it, but we’ll see what happens. For now I’ll leave you with a couple throwback pictures. Ready to rideReady to start biking

First lunch stopThe first lunch stop!

On top of our first climb!On top of our first real climb!

Ball of TwineLove the twine

We ride for Paige!

CUS ‘10 -

The other ocean!


Portland, OR Build Day Our last build day and it was a good one. We helped out 4 different homes and it was awesome. I felt like they gave us a lot of independence and it was really productive. All I know is that I can’t wait til I get to my local Habitat to help build!

Portland Build Day

Squaring away for a cut

Portland, OR -> Vernonia, OR

The ride out of Portland was amazing. We started the day riding through the city and stopping by some of Portland’s greatest hotspots. First it was to get some doughnuts at the famous Voodoo doughnuts. To wash it down was a mocha from the Stumptown Coffee (which started in Oregon by the way). Then off we were for a nice ride to Vernonia for our last campout. At the site we were greeted by the tandem bike that Sarah was going to take to the beach so she could ride in even with her bum elbow. I got a chance to ride a tandem for the first time and it was soooo much fun. Gosh I love biking. Ended the night with some festivities and a whole lot of excitement for the big day!

Voodoo Doughnuts

Raised yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, Oreo’s and peanut butter from Voodoo Doughnuts!


A delicious mocha from Stumptown

Tandem with Sarah

Getting to ride Sarah’s tandem

Tandem with Mark

Of course I had to ride it with my bro too

Vernonia, OR -> CANNON BEACH, OR!

After a long hard summer, we finally did it. We made it to the other ocean. I imagined what this would be like since October and I can say it was nothing like what i thought. It was so much more! Riding through the streets of Cannon Beach having strangers scream and cheer for you was surreal. Following that with a sprint into the cold Pacific Ocean capped off what can only be described as a perfect moment. The only way people can understand it is to do it!

We did it!

Everyone celebrating in the Pacific Ocean!

Me at Cannon Beach

I made it

Bro Pic

Bro pic in front of Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach Groupshot

Another groupshot

4-way Bros

4-way bros!

Cannon Beach Bike

The bike that took me here

It took us til the trip ended, but we actually did finish painting the trailer!

Trailer Side 1

The side with all of the signatures we collected along the wayTrailer Side 2

My favorite side

Trailer Back

Finally the back

Our last state...Oregon!

Boise, ID -> Ontario, OR Finally, we’ve made it all the way to Oregon! As much as I love my home state, our team didn’t really have the greatest introduction. For the day’s ride we probably had around 30 flats from these little thorns that were everywhere. While riding with Mark, ytowards the end of the trip he actually got a flat in both tires. We did eventually make it to our hosts and actually along the way we met a guy riding across the country with his 2 daughters. I got to ride with them for a little while and that was really cool to ride with other cross country cyclists.



Cross Country Cyclists!

The cross country cycling family


Apparently Oregon is famous for their onions

Ontario, OR -> Unity, OR

Wow Oregon is beautiful. We stayed at Unity Lake State Park and it was gorgeous! Of course I slept outside, which was awesome. Along the way we also met 2 other cross country cyclists and they actually decided to join us at the park which was pretty neat.

Pacific Time Zone

Pacific Time Zone

Cross Country Cyclists!

More cross country cyclists

Unity Lake State Park

Unity Lake State Park

Unity, OR -> John Day, OR

Once we got into John Day some of us went to DQ to grab a quick snack then headed for the Oregon Solwest Fair. This was an event to educate people about renewable energy especially solar power. It was all in all a pretty informative experience, but not really the most exciting thing we’ve done. I did however have another Huckleberry treat in the form of ice cream.

Huckleberry Ice Cream

Huckleberry ice cream

Bike Clinic

Bike clinic for the church kids

John Day, OR -> Dayville, OR

Since our ride into Dayville was such a short one, Kristen and I decided to attend the church that hosted us. It was great to actually be at a church on Sunday! The best part was the some of the church members rode with us to our next stop. It was great to get a chance to ride with them and hopefully they enjoyed it as much as we did. We left right after church which ended around noon which meant the heat was brutal. Still, as always, we got there. We even got to swim at a swimming hole about few miles out of town.

Something important to mention is that we finished our grant application review process. We officially have picked the recipients and the amount they will receive. Definitely a good feeling donating to affordable housing group.

Church Riders

The church members who rode with us!

Dayville, OR -> Fossil, OR

The ride into Fossil was hot, very hot. The host was unique because it was a home stay. Some of the members of the church was gracious enough to have us stay at their homes. It was also the first time we were separated for the night, but we did get beds!

Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rock Pillar

Fossil Beds

Fossil Beds

Fossil, OR -> Maupin, OR

The thing to note about the day’s ride into Maupin is that I saw Mt. Hood for the first time since I lived in Oregon. It was a great feeling to see something so familiar. We were greeted at the host with the most delicious root beer float! I’m not sure if there is anything better on a hot day.

Beautiful Oregon

Oregon is so pretty

Oregon Rocks

Such a pretty ride


The bag for my turkey sandwich, thanks Sarah

Maupin, OR -> Portland, OR

We’re in Portland!!!! Well…we’re in Gresham which is just out of the city. Still its crazy that we’re here. We all psyched ourselves for a tough day of climbing past Mt. Hood, but it wasn’t too hard. I think that just shows us how far we’ve come all the way from the Appalachians.

Last Downhill

Our last major downhill