Mini-moon Road Trip Part 2 - Nashville, TN

Well it took a little longer than intended to get the second part of our mini-moon up, but here it is. We didn't get to spend nearly enough time in Nashville. Country music, bbq and bunch of outdoor spaces, what more could you want. We went to the Grilled Cheeserie for some of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had. The Parthenon was a strange, but cool sight. Got some coffee at an old garage turned into a coffee shop at the Barista Parlor and had a drink by the pool at the Pinewood Social. Of course no trip to Nashville would be complete without some hot chicken. A local Nashvillian (sounds evil) told us about Pepperfire and we can attest that it was delicious and hot.

Mini-moon Road Trip Part 1 - Asheville, NC

Hannah and I took our first trip as a married couple. In typical Lim family tradition, we decided on a road trip. We thought about going back to Savannah but decided on Nashville by way of Asheville. If you don't know much about Asheville, it's a great little city in Western North Carolina by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Great beer, great food, and great nature. It reminded me a little bit of Eugene, which was an extra bonus.

We didn't have a great deal of time there, but we got to visit 12 Bones BBQ, the Biltmore Estate, and we stayed at the absolutely amazing Bunn House. Seriously can't recommend that place enough. They had pre-built a fire for us on their patio and provided us with complimentary beer and wine along with a rooftop patio. I would go back to Asheville just to stay there again.

Here are some pictures of Asheville.

Nicaragua - Part 2

I just realized that I had a Nicaragua - Part 1 post, but never posted the next set. So this is the long awaited second set. Before I post the pictures I just wanted to vocalize a thought that I've been having. Please be forewarned that  the next couple of minutes will be a bit of rambling, but I don't know I figure that there is a tiny chance that someone else out there might get something out of it. Maybe not, but here is goes anyways.

It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.
— Paul Caponigro

I've been taking a lot of time looking through my blog. Reminiscing about different shots I have. How my editing, technique and equipment have all changed through-out all the time. Hopefully for the better. The greatest lesson I've learned taking photos for all years is to stop comparing myself with others. Its hard not to look at other photographers and wonder in awe of their immortal photography skills (e.g. Nirav Patel, Jonas Peterson, Max Wenger, Austin Mann, Esther Havens, ... I think you get the point) Thinking to yourself, how did they do it and how can I produce the same shots. 

I think that sometimes I get too caught up in the technical side, making sure the lighting is right, making sure the composition is right and the settings, that I miss out on a lot. After all, I photograph because its something I enjoy. Why does it have to be so stressful? So here's to photography, the art that I love. After all the babbling, here is the my Nicaragua photographs of people. My favorite subject. 

Bucket List No. 35 - Learn How To Surf

Something about surfing had always intrigued me. Maybe it was the thought of being almost completely at the mercy of Mother Nature or maybe it was that I watched Johnny Tsunami on the Disney Channel too many times. Either way I knew I wanted to try it and being in Nicaragua was the perfect opportunity.


When looking into Nicaragua, I quickly found out that it was a hotspot for surfing. San Juan Del Sur is well advertised as a surfing mecca and it was my honor to make the pilgrimage. We went to the supposedly well known Playa Maderas. It was an awesome little spot with a hostel, a bar and a slackline! Just another thing I got to fail at, but thats another story for another time.

Alright, so no need to bore you with the details of trying/failing numerous times and getting thrashed by the waves over and over again. I think all of that goes without saying for any beginning surfer. I can say that I was fortunate enough to stand up a few times. It was amazing and at the same time terrifying. Even though I was aware of how powerful the ocean was, it reminded on more than a couple occasions. I’m left excited to go again. If you’re wanted to try it, you should! It is awesome! It’s hard to explain, but the thing that I loved the most about it was being at the mercy of the wave. I felt like I was just pleading for one great ride before I had to leave the ocean. I can see why surfers out there are constantly chasing that one perfect ride.

Now I think I'm ready to try some big waves on a short board! Who wants to go? 

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