Pure Hope Pakistan

It has never been so evident to me how much our world (especially America) needs humanitarian advocates and educators. I just read, for the first time today, about what is considered by some as "the greatest humanitarian crisis the international community has ever seen". The worst part (for me at least) is that this occurred last summer and I'm just finding out about it. From what I've read, here is the situation. The nation of Pakistan suffered a monsoon season last summer that put a fifth of the nation underwater. This tragedy impacted over 21 million people. The economic impact the flooding is reported to be around $43 Billion USD. 6 months after the fact OCHA estimated that of the 1.7 million homes that were destroyed or damaged, only 865,000 households have received emergency shelter. Although its about 8 months after all this happened, Pakistan is still in dire need of support. A very simple and effective way we can help is to provide them access to clean water. An organization I found that does just that is called Pure Hope Pakistan. This non-profit is doing this by giving Pakistani families water filters to purify the existing water source. A water filter costs just $50 and gives a family clean water for 10 years!

They have a little promo video that I posted here.

On a side note, its unbelievable how God led me to this a little over a week after I posted about the World Water Day. Speechless!