Happy Birthday Pete!


So this past weekend, I got to celebrate the birthday of the one and only Peter Kang. Although his birthday isn't for a couple weeks It was chock full of the things he loves. If you know him at all, its pretty obvious what we did. I posted a lot of pictures and some are pretty ridiculous, as you may have already imagined. Happy birthday Pete, hope you had a good time! Peter getting readyEric getting ready Getting ready for his favorite thing to do and of course Jinu with the birthday boy...man?...man boy?

Eric being EricPeter as BatmanMy batmanHenry's strange versionYes he's turning 25 hahaha

LunchMore foodThis was my burgerCheesecake!Our birthday lunch!

Food ComaAfter a hearty meal comes the food coma haha

Another napLoading the mattress Had to make a quick run to pick up Henry's mattress.

Okay so an explanation of the next group of photos. We had planned a dinner in the city, but nobody brought clothes to wear. So with the help of our fashion consultant, Eric, we had outfits chosen for us. Of course we needed to show off these clothes with a photoshoot. By the way ladies, let me know if you're interested in any of these fine looking gentlemen! Here we go!

Model #1: HenryModel #1: Henry Model #1: Henry Henry Chang is 6 feet 1... ...loves long walks on the beach... ...and shares a birthday with the one and only Jesus.

Model #2: DavidModel #2: DavidModel #2: David David Lim is 5 feet 11 inches... ...loves a riling fencing match... ...but is already taken by the one and only Hannah Huhr!

Model #3: JinuModel #3: JinuModel #3: Jinu Jinu Kim is 5 feet 10 inches... ...loves to shred on his electric guitar... ...and has the voice of an angel to match.

Model #4: EricModel #4: EricModel #4: Eric Eric Kim is 6 feet 1... ...has impeccable style... ...and is about to attend culinary school!

Model #5: PeterModel #5: PeterModel #5: Peter Peter Kang is 5 feet 7... ...kills it on the slopes... ...and delivers some sick nasty sermons!
Well ladies, contact David Lim if you're interested in these fine specimen! Hahaha okay and now to the dinner. Some wine......and sushi!Sushi!Sushi!Sushi!Sushi!Wine definitely goes well with delicious sushi. All courtesy of "The Loop" in NYC and it might quite possibly be the most delicious sushi I have ever had. Not to mention they have pretty good portions!

A Toast to Peter! Happy Birthday Brother!