Sushi Palace!


Its a Wednesday night after a snowstorm, what do you do? Eat at an all you can eat sushi buffet with your friends, duh! We went to a place called Sushi Palace in Edison and it was gloooorious. Also its 20 bucks for all you can eat, not a bad deal right? Gosh I already want some more sushi, anyone want to go?! Ready to eat!Look at them ready to go, like monsters...plate 1/5

Bottle of wineWine GlassWine chosen by our very own wine connoisseur (had to look up the spelling on that), Henry. It was a fine choice indeed.

PeterWasssup BJinuEating the sushi...wasabi, it hurts so good!

Jinu againEricJinu and EricSome black & white photos.
What a successful dinner!