Happy Birthday Henry!

Our Tent

Let me start off buying saying Happy Birthday to Henry Chang! We are all blessed to know you and I hope you have a great 23rd year! So for Henry's birthday we decided to go back in the frozen wilderness and try winter camping for a second time. This time we would be better prepared for the cold....right? Although it was still freezing, maybe more so then last time, it was a great time and I like to think that it was a a great way to celebrate a birthday. Without further ado, I present to you Henry's Birthday Bash! Our TentOur Korean Tent

Our CampsiteThe campsite

We love foodThe food was so good!

Henry's CakeThe birthday cake, notice how its messed up...peter!

I'm a pirate...ArrrrrI like fire and things in fire

Infinity Sign?So much for "leave no trace" haha, an infinity sign burned into the ground

Birthday boyFinally a picture of the birthday boy and our smokey fire

Birthday Dinner!The amazing birthday dinner set out for us by Henry's parents! So cute!

Taking pictures before we eatA group picture before we eat