Winter Camping


Phew I finally feel like I can catch my breath a little bit. This weekend was packed (at least for me). Saturday night I went to my first Starfield concert and it was amazing! It reminded me of how awesome real worship can be. Now if only I can play/sing like them. It also made me really want to buy an electric and learn how to play it haha. Starfield So amazing!

StarfieldGotta love Starfield!

Camping is usually reserved for the warmer months, but when you have friends like mine that doesn't matter. So here we are in December going camping. As you can imagine it was freezing. Still spending some quality time with the guys was a lot of fun as always.

FoodThe food

CampingEnjoying the fire

SleepingOur sleeping arrangement. Of course the guy in the sleeping bag was the warmest. good thing that guy was me haha.

Lonely JinuExcept Jinu was all alone

S'moresWhats camping without S'mores

Henry's S'moreHenry showing of his S'more

Pete's S'moreWant S'more? Hahaha get it?

Henry after his Smoreapparently Henry was saving some for later

PetePeter looking at something

Cooking in the tentEric cooking inside our tent. Yes, it was that cold.

What a weirdoNo caption can explain this

Big FireOur fire with some lighter fluid

JinuHow can this guy...

Jinu...turn into this?!

HenryHenry and Eric

What theYah.... I dunno

The BoysThis pretty much sums it up