Loving the "Little Apple"

So let me tell you a little about the life of a Bike & Builder. Today I woke up late (8:30 lol), ate a great breakfast, watched the Dark Knight, had a 30 minute massage by a professional masseuse (which was free because our awesome host First United Methodist Church of Manhattan set it up for us), ate Chipotle for lunch which was also donated by the church, got an awesome chai tea at a local coffee shop, walked around downtown Manhattan, Kansas to check out some neat shops, came back to the host to an unbelievable meal and finally after playing a few games of around the world ping pong I am ready for sleep. I tell you we have it tough sometimes. Doing some good in this world and getting treated like kings, its a hard life.

My awesome chai, isn’t the tea pot really cool?!

You better believe that I ate it all. This picture doesn’t even include seconds and the desserts.

Also since this is my day off and I have lots of free time, I thought that I should add some photos that other people (mainly Andy) has taken.

One of the many hay bale photos we have taken and will take.

Gotta love the hard hats. Charlottesville build day was awesome!

Love the friendly dogs on the road. Makes up for all those ones that chase you!

I think from this post we can get that I am having a great time, I love chai tea and most importantly everyone should bike across the country!